Cuisine & Drinks

You would want to try it again

Grilled Lobster

Lobster is served in different styles such as Grilled lobster with lemon butter-garlic with white wine sauce/Tandoori and accompanied with fresh salad + chunky chips.

Red Snapper

Whole Fresh Red Snapper done with lemon-garlic sauce in white wine and accompanied with Rice and Fresh salad. Red snapper is a wise choice when grilling fish, especially if you have seafood enthusiasts as well as picky eaters to satisfy.

Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad is a mind bogling and mesmerising salad which will make your taste buds linger for more . Amazing combination of veggis and perfect blend of seasoning with spices is our signature dish .

Cheese Pasta Salad

A wide variety of cheese to choose from for your cheese pasta salad which is a very simple yet elegant dish comprising of forte of flavours tingling the taste buds with combination of ingriedients .

Grilled Chicken Steak in Lemon and Herbs

Beach side grilled chicken steak with a pint of beer is a dream come true. Our steak is grilled with special sauce with a hint of lemon ahd quality herbs .

Grilled Fish with Grilled Vegetables & Cheese Butter Sauce

Fish is grilled with charcoal griller using our secret spice mixers with is complemented with cheese butter sauce.